Glenmede, a national wealth management company, was hosting its annual event on impact investing in New York City. Their goal was to use the event to engage in conversation with client prospects, current clients, and centers of influence about values-based investing and identify new sales opportunities. In years past, the event had failed to reach its full potential for new business opportunities. Our task was to create a custom event microsite and strategize and execute on a lead nurturing program to engage with and identify sales prospects.

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Custom WordPress Design

Custom Event Microsite Design

Custom WordPress Development

Custom Event Microsite Development



Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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The Challenge

With the goal of attracting and engaging with prospects, clients, and centers of influences, we set out to raise the bar on marketing for the event. Mole Street partnered with Glenmede to:

  1. Produce a suite of digital marketing communication to drive event attendance and engagement

  2. Rebrand the annual series

  3. Design + develop a custom event microsite

Event Microsite + Branding

Our Approach

Event Microsite + Branding:

We launched Glenmede’s first-ever event website with a timeline of 8 weeks from kick-off to launch. The custom event microsite incorporated refreshed branding by Mole Street and hosted key information such as speaker bios, the schedule, venue wayfinding information, and a “request registration” button for users to inquire about tickets.

Email Marketing:

We sent out 18 unique pieces of content over 13 weeks to clients, prospects, and centers of influence. Audience segments were emailed on a set schedule to drive attendance and engagement with Glenmede. Email content included sticky information like quotes from the featured speakers and links to articles and podcasts.

  1. Unique content was sent out based on user trigger actions: Accepts, Declines, No Response

  2. Autoresponder emails were immediately triggered upon engagement actions. For example, if someone declined to attend the event in New York City, they were automatically invited to view the live stream

  3. Post-event communication included direct response language to set up a call about impact investing with a business development officer

  4. Post-event communication also included a survey to discover what resonated with each individual and to gauge their interest in continuing the conversation about impact investing

Email Marketing

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