Enhanced SEO + Content Strategy drives 814% increase in traffic for B2B client

814% Increase in Traffic

Over 6 month period

Organic Conversions improved 800%

Over 6 month period

Clicks from Google Search increased 145%

Over a 6 month period

BELKINS.IO is an award winning B2B lead generation, business intelligence and appointment setting agency. They have two offices, one in Kiev, Ukraine and the other in Dover, Delaware.  With a strong skill-set in outbound sales and prospecting through email targeting, the Belkins team needed support with inbound marketing and an enhanced SEO strategy.

When first engaging with Mole Street in the fall of 2019, the Belkins’ website lacked a current and defined URL structure, linking strategy, onpage optimization and content strategy. This called for a much needed SEO strategy utilizing best practices. 

As they looked to launch a new website mid 2020 that included updated marketing resources such as a blog, podcast, how to’s and enhanced content marketing program, Mole Street was tasked with supporting their Chief Marketing Officer and his internal team to transition the site and structure and optimize all content using well established inbound marketing methodologies and SEO best practices.

The Challenge

Belkins was undergoing a new website design and development project which they were managing in-house.  They were also experiencing massive growth. Mole Street’s role was to serve as a objective marketing consultant and solutions partner based on the following KPIs:

  • Objective 1: Train internal marketing team on best practices for SEO to increase traffic

  • Objective 2: Perform keyword research and provide SEO on-page recommendations get better more qualified traffic

  • Objective 3: Enhance content strategy through web page content and online resources

  • Objective 4: Advise on sitemap, URL restructuring, local listing implementation for better search ranking, thus driving more traffic

Our Approach

Our approach was to start by training their team on best practices and not just performing the work on their behalf. We shared our process and supported them through training, keyword research and strategy, along with buttressing this with technical SEO, URL optimization and on page recommendations. From recommending tools and methodologies, we also support their team with structured content briefs, including specific so assets can rank better in search as their industry is highly competitive.

  • Implemented keyword research and strategy

  • Provided technical SEO, URL optimization and on page recommendations

  • Assisted in the creation of structured content briefs

Content Strategy

With a six person marketing team working internally and full time copywriters on staff, Belkins had no problem creating content. Where Mole Street was able to add the most value was in the outlining of keywords, links, topics and structure of content assets, along with defining resources for better CTAs to capture more data and compete in the market.

What it’s like to work with Mole Street

“The Mole Street team is amazing!  I admire how deeply they research the key topics, and the professional way they present information even to those who do not understand how SEO works. Love working with their team!”

Dmitry Chervonyi, Chief Marketing Officer- Belkins

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