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Pivoting a Digital Transformation: Development Resolution and Salesforce to HubSpot Migration

Mole Street
• 5 min read
Pivoting a Digital Transformation: Development Resolution and Salesforce to HubSpot Migration

Membership site and custom API development for multi-domain solution architected on HubSpot CMS Enterprise

Together Senior Health (TSH) offers virtual classes and resources for older adults living with memory loss and cognitive decline. TSH relies on a member-facing portal and a public-facing website to deliver its services. 

The member-facing portal was partially built when TSH approached Mole Street, but due to unclear technical requirements and not having a well-defined development roadmap, TSH ended up working with multiple development partners on an overly complex custom buildout. 

Confusion and complexity were at an all-time high and the project hit a roadblock.

The TSH team was having difficulty aligning on the project, identifying priorities, and creating clarity around the digital transformation they needed. They were also needing to design a new public-facing website that would support business development needs and integrate seamlessly with an easy-to-use member portal.

TSH engaged Mole Street to provide strategic guidance on completing the complex development project and designing the new website. Mole Street defined a roadmap for success, including documenting technical requirements, planning the integration of proprietary systems with a new HubSpot CMS website, and eventually, completed a Salesforce to HubSpot migration.

Developing the Technical Roadmap

Over the next six months, Mole Street began to untangle the development confusion and streamline efforts across their team.

Resetting the development strategy and technical roadmap for the member portal and standing up a new marketing website were only the beginning of the objectives for TSH’s digital revamp. The organization was also dedicated to preserving the existing administrator capabilities that were running as part of established processes, while following strict accessibility guidelines to support the user experience (UX) for TSH’s members.


Diving Into the Work

Mole Street audited the existing development landscape, assessed TSH’s desired functionality within the portal, and developed a technical roadmap to drive a seamless sync between the HubSpot CRM and TSH’s proprietary admin portal.

The Mole Street and TSH teams distributed efforts across two work streams and project plans—one for the membership portal and one for the public-facing corporate site. 

Mole Street was accountable for: 

  • Reworking sitemaps, design, and user flow for the two existing domains
  • Integrating Salesforce and HubSpot — which ultimately became a full migration from Salesforce to HubSpot
  • Developing a custom API flow capable of managing member registrations, class times, and class recommendations between the HubSpot CRM and TSH’s proprietary admin portal
  • Defining a process for associating “caregiver” and “provider” contacts with corresponding “members” in the HubSpot CRM and creating registration workflows to support this solution
  • Creating a custom solution capable of feeding resources provided by a third-party API into a HubSpot blog
  • Establishing a call-to-action strategy and supporting documentation for business development objectives on the public-facing site
  • Comprehensive training and support for the TSH team in order to maximize their understanding and skills across the HubSpot platform

Over the next six months, TSH worked alongside Mole Street’s team, implementing solutions to solve problems and stand up the new infrastructure — building everything with scalability in mind to ensure that the revamped framework would support a growing member base

Custom API With 40 Interconnected Workflows

At the heart of the solution was a custom API capable of managing a two-way sync between the HubSpot CRM and TSH’s admin portal. The Phase 1 instance of the API supported the member registration process and allowed active members to view their upcoming classes. This view included start times and a “Join Now” prompt once a room opened, and displayed as a banner across the top of their portal instance.

Mole Street also developed a complex automation consisting of more than 40 interconnected workflows that touches every aspect of the member registration process, starting with the initial “eligibility check” that runs through a member’s insurance provider.

From there, the system oversees all facets of the user journey and interactions within the portal while simultaneously orchestrating and triggering all internal notifications and actions needed for the TSH team to administrate the member portal in real time.

In evolving TSH’s digital infrastructure, the core focus was ensuring that its user base could navigate through the digital environment with ease.


A Closer Look at the Custom Development

In the first phase of development for the member portal, Mole Street worked alongside TSH’s internal development resources to solve a variety of functions.

Highlights included:

  • Registration-triggered functions
    • Contact record creation in HubSpot
    • Contract record creation in TSH propriety portal
    • Pushed external ID and class link to HubSpot
    • Notification email with account creation link sent to members
  • Upcoming classes banner
    • Populated with members' classes via serverless API
    • Display name, instructor, and time until next class
    • “Join Class” button when a class opens
  • Validation Measures
    • Custom logic
    • Serverless endpoint to run responses and error messages
    • Front-end messaging for members in the event of an error
    • Deduplication measures

In Phase 2, Mole Street expanded the API functionality, to build out the relationship between a member’s record and that of their caregivers’ and practitioners’.

Expanding the Scope to Migrate Off Salesforce

What started as a Salesforce-to-HubSpot integration ultimately became a full migration to HubSpot as Mole Street helped TSH see the redundancies in the platforms and new opportunities within HubSpot. These included easily establishing email sequences, better tracking of lead engagement metrics, and sending automatic dashboard reports to the C-Suite.

These discoveries gave TSH the confidence to leave Salesforce and migrate their database to the HubSpot CRM.

From the Client...

“The Mole Street team is knowledgeable and collaborative,” said Chrisanne Bradley, Director of Program and Product Management for Together Senior Health.

“They redesigned our company website, audited content, and created a custom automation workflow for tasks and triggers that efficiently tracks our customer onboarding processes. As our needs change, they are able to easily pivot and continue to offer us services such as custom API integration, CRM migration, and training. They are a great HubSpot partner!”

Have a tough development challenge or looking to migrate your legacy systems to HubSpot? Feel free to schedule a call with our team. We love to collaborate and help clients implement their vision!