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Senior Project Manager, Team Lead

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Company Description: 

Mole Street is an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner and industry-leading technology and marketing consultancy. We are a fully remote agency with a presence in the U.S. and South America. Our clients consist of mid-market and enterprise B2B companies that partner with us to define strategies and execute programs that meet business objectives through technical and creative applications of the HubSpot platform.

We specialize in guiding our clients through digital transformation initiatives, including technical HubSpot consulting projects and growth-driven design programs.

Our culture is driven by the core values of Joy, Grit, Accountability, Clarity, Curiosity, Authenticity, and Growth Mindedness. The team is positive, passionate, rational, resourceful, resilient, and results-oriented. We take pride in collaborating with each client to implement strategies that will grow their company. We also believe that “Great Things are Happening!

The team is positive, passionate, rational, resourceful, resilient and results driven, taking pride in the work and the people who do it. Employees are highly valued and dependable, driven to win for the collective good of the company and its clientele and dedicated to breaking the mold from the agency of the past into the agency of the future as Mole Street grows.


The Senior Project Manager, Team Lead, is a management position in the Consulting department, leading internal project management and operations for the business to drive excellence in delivery and to deliver on enterprise-level HubSpot solutions. Your mission is to help manage and build a project management team that makes project management one of our greatest strengths, increasing the quality and efficiency of delivery across the board.

This role utilizes our project management tool Kantata to oversee effective delivery on time and on budget, precise resource planning and excellence in reporting so the team around us can make good decisions based on data to drive forward. You will collaborate closely with Consultants and cross functionally, ensuring that there is clarity on project delivery to drive success for our clients and our team 

In a new business capacity, you will help with the estimation and scoping process. The main role of you and your team is to ensure accuracy in project management operations, facilitating the ability for Consultants to ship our services and connect the dots internally so that the transition from sales to delivery is seamless, and best in class. 

Success for this position is based on the highly detailed project management of deliverables and communication. This will allow for our teams to focus on their areas of expertise. Additionally, it will ensure all team members have clean and clear data in order to facilitate decentralized decision making. Your work should build confidence with our clients and our team in our technical capabilities and approach to solving their problems. The project management function should be a “secret sauce” in delivering at the highest level and make our work seem effortless to outside viewers. You will bill a portion of your time in tandem with focusing on managing and growing your team’s capabilities to execute.


Three main disciplines are critical to success. The ability to:

  • Project Management: Build and deploy excellent project management processes that the delight clients and the team alike in the results that are gleaned  
  • Scoping and Estimation: Ensure the sales team has accurate estimates that translate to contracts and that the handoff from sales to delivery is fluid and clear
  • Reporting and Data: Ensure clean data and reporting gets into the right hands at the right times for decision making

Below are examples of day-to-day activities that are not exhaustive:

Project Management:

  • Ensure all projects are updated daily and weekly in project management tool for accurate on time on budget delivery
  • Manage and ensure tasking excellence
  • Manage and ensure resource planning precision
  • Ensure data cleanliness
  • Define and refine our Project Management standards
  • Arm your team and cross functional teams with data about projects for them to action on

Scoping and Estimation: 

  • Build estimates in Kantata as sales progress that can turn into detail project plans
  • Ensure estimates turn into detailed scopes in contracts that rule projects post sale
  • Manage hand offs from sales to delivery from the project planning perspective re: teams, tasks and work streams

Reporting and Data: 

  • Identify and organizing dashboards and reports for varying teams so that they can use data for decision making
  • Ensure data hygiene at all times in regards to information in Kantata for tasking, resource planning and time tracking. Also support data strategy for HubSpot CRM so there is a clear line of sight from sales to delivery.
  • Automate and integrate data across technologies to constantly increase business intelligence

Team Management

  • Weekly resource planning meetings with your team and cross functionally to ensure everyone is clear on their projects, utilization and core functions
  • Weekly 1:1 with your direct reports
  • Twice annual reviews with direct reports
  • Ensure alignment across teammates and initiatives, coaching and mentoring as necessary to empower your team toward professional growth and achieve excellence in delivery

Our Employee Benefits Program Includes:

  • Generous compensation package with performance incentives
  • Full Health and Dental Insurance Coverage
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Flexible PTO
  • The flexibility of working remotely



About Mole Street:

At Mole Street, we are rooted in unwavering values of joy, curiosity, grit, growth-mindedness, accountability, and clarity. We embody our values and find joy in learning, evolving, and discovering new ways to bring out the best in people and every situation.