Tri-State HRMA

The Challenge

  • Human resources association of nearly 40 years needed a new web presence to embody its commitment to excellence
  • Event and membership checkout process discouraged users from completing the cart checkout
  • With no way to auto-renew, Tri-State HRMA administrators had to continually follow-up manually with members when their annual member fees were due
  • A proper logo and brand guidelines had not previously been explored and the organization lacked guiding principles for their design decisions


  • Mobile and tablet responsive with WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce platform for membership and product sales
  • Central dashboard for members to log-in and view their account details
  • Members-Only Content: Member directory, job listings, recent newsletters and premium blog posts
  • Hub for the annual conference: Sponsor info, schedule, speakers, and online registration for members, guests, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Modern branding and design that elevates the brand

Our Approach

Website Design + Development:

Mole Street designed and developed a new website with WordPress CMS and trusted ecommerce platform WooCommerce for sales of monthly events and membership.

The website contains multiple perks for logged-in members:

  • Automatic discounts on monthly events when the user is logged into their account
  • Active job listings
  • Members-only blog content
  • Recent Newsletters
  • Member directory

The website has an experience specific to multiple user types:

  • Members
  • Board Members
  • Superadmins
  • Employers
  • Guests

The conference web pages allow for several user actions:

  • View the schedule, speakers, and event-day info
  • Automatic discount on conference admission for logged in annual members
  • Sponsor checkout with varying levels of sponsorship
  • Exhibition checkout with “choose your exhibition space” actions

Website Content:

Identifying the importance of an original photo and video shoot to capture the soul of the brand, Mole Street captured event photography and video at the annual conference. This photography and video is utilized through the website to tell the story of the “human” part of “human resources association.”


Mole Street designed a new logo for Tri-State HRMA, carrying over the triangle icon from its previous iconography and updating the color palette from fire engine red and 100% black to a sophisticated red-orange, corporate grey, and inviting mustard color for secondary elements like callouts, tags, and buttons. The three triangles in the new logo represent the three pillars of the brand: People, Purpose, Passion.

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