The Challenge

Build the Philadelphia community through music, block by block.

We are a city divided. For some, Philadelphia has been called “the best place to live” and “the best place to visit.” For others, Philadelphia represents generational cycles of poverty. How can we bring this city of divided neighborhoods together? For Molestice, it’s through live music.


2,000+ Guests Annually

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Red Bull
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Our Approach

Each year on the Saturday of the summer solstice, a tiny block of Mole Street in Center City, Philadelphia comes alive with the sweet sounds of live music. Our mission is to build the Philadelphia community through music, block by block, and we do this by uniting friends and neighbors with a free annual music festival. See why The Philly Voice calls Molestice The massive block party on the teeny tiny street.

The History of Molestice

Since the late 1970s, arts enthusiasts living on the 100 block of North Mole Street have embraced the summer solstice with an all-day block party called Molestice. For over 35 years, on the longest day of the year, the corner of Cherry and Mole Streets in Center City come alive with the sounds of melodies and smells of delicious food.

In the early 2000’s new residents of the block began to incorporate more music and it took on a younger, hipper feel. In 2010, experiential + digital marketing agency, Mole Street took up the torch. Since then, this annual event has gone from a small block party to a professionally- produced block party + music festival.

The Future of Molestice

With Molestice, we see a bigger vision. We see strangers becoming neighbors and neighbors becoming friends. We see the right to experience joy, regardless of class or the color of your skin.

With Molestice, we see a future in Philadelphia that’s vibrant and harmonious, turning Philadelphia into the East Coast New Orleans.

We see a Philadelphia community that’s building through music, block by block with the world’s first vertical festival. When you check out Mole Street on a map of Philadelphia, this quirky street extends from the deep South all the way to North Philadelphia. In the next 3-5 years we want to grow Molestice from a single block party to a citywide celebration.

On that day, Philadelphia will truly be united through music, block by block.

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