Paid Search and Social Put Steakhouse on the Map in Philly

Situated in a city of steakhouses, Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House was the new restaurant on the [chopping] block in Philadelphia. Competing with over a dozen steakhouses and countless high-end restaurants, Hugo’s had two major hurdles to overcome:

  • A highly-saturated market 

  • Its location within SugarHouse Casino

Services Rendered

Growth Marketing Strategy



Audience Exploration 

One of the major challenges to immediately overcome was audience targeting. Who wants to visit a casino steakhouse? To find out, we pushed out marketing to a large variety of audiences and narrowed in on the top-engaged segments.

Email Marketing:

  • SugarHouse Casino patrons

  • Purchased list of residents within 10-mile radius with HHI of $75,000 and above

  • Opt-Ins from OpenTable

Paid Social:

  • Custom Audience: Export of OpenTable reservations

  • Lookalike audience based on OpenTable reservations audience  

  • Engaged with the Facebook ad in the past 365 days 

  • Lookalike audience based on people who have engaged with the Facebook page

  • All website visitors in the past 180 days   

  • Lookalike audience based on people who visited the website in the past 180 days

  • Interest-based audience: Fine dining, in a relationship

Google Ads:

  • “Steakhouse” keywords: people searching for steakhouses in the city of Philadelphia

  • “Steakhouse” keywords: people searching for steakhouses in the nearby suburbs of Southeastern Pennsylvania  

  • “Steakhouse” keywords: people searching for steakhouses in the nearby suburbs of South Jersey

A Winning Combination of  Paid Search + Social Media

By reviewing the data from our campaigns early and often, we were able to identify the winning combination of growth marketing hacks for Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House. And the winner is…

A constant pay-per-click Google Ads campaign that entices prospective patrons that are searching for steakhouses in their area.

A comprehensive social media strategy that uses a combo of organic and sponsored posts to increase reach, promote shares, and build restaurant reviews.


150,000+ Google Map Clicks

Annually from the Google Ads Campaign Extension


Average Cost Per Click for Google Ads

Social Media Program Reaches 14,500 Users Monthly

$1 Average Cost Per Click

For sponsored campaigns on Facebook

40k Monthly Impressions

Average # of impressions on Facebook each month

14,500 Monthly Reach

Average # of users reached on Facebook each month

Value-Adding Content Gives Readers Something to Sink Their Teeth Into

We all love a quick and snackable social post, but sometimes more is more. Longform blogging has allowed us to improve search rankings, drive home the top-quality ingredients and methodology in the restaurant, provide a format for thought leadership, and create shareable content for social and email marketing.


10% Increase in Organic Website Sessions


Average Position 8.4 and Climbing

On the organic search engine results page

#1 Position for Steakhouse Searches

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