Mole Street is an experiential marketing agency that expands your footprint through live event activations

Picture the last really great event you went to. Imagine what it felt like to be there. How would you describe the event to a friend? What really took it over the top for you? Was it the entertainment? Was it the venue?

We believe that experiential marketing is in many ways replacing traditional advertising. Each day your average consumer sees anywhere from 500 to 5,000 ads per day. That’s a lot of ads even for us agency folks. So instead of wearing your consumer out with ads, we build them up with live experiences that add value to their everyday lives. Experiences they will remember for months and even years.


Consumers say they are more inclined to purchase the brand after an experience.


Consumers make a purchase after the event. Source


Consumers who make a purchase become a regular customer.

We’re obsessed with creating experiences that can become someone’s “Best day of the year.”

How would you feel if one of your attendees tagged your event with #bestdayoftheyear? Bet you’d be pretty fired up. Experiential marketing is a win for your consumer. And it’s a win for you.

Give your consumer a high-value experience, and watch your brand advocacy and social currency explode. Positive experiences create positive associations in the minds of your consumer. It works like this:

I love this moment.
I love this brand.
I’mma post this. #winning

Throw the party everyone’s talking about.

The beauty of experiential marketing is that it gives the people who attend your event activation a reason to talk about your brand on social, reaching infinitely more people than who were there to see it live. It also gives you a platform to shout what it would ordinarily take weeks or even months to say quietly through traditional ad spends.

Come with us to the land of data.

As part of our process for experiential marketing, Mole Street’s internal digital marketing team creates a strategic marketing plan for social media amplification before, during and after your event, ensuring that your event is the one that’s heard around the world.

Throughout the entire experiential marketing journey, we let the data lead the way, marketing to lookalike groups, capturing demographic data from attendees day-of, and providing you with an after-action report.

Virtual Reality: It’s not just the future, it’s the now.

Magnify your message with a virtual canvas. Mole Street is here to make your virtual reality dreams come true. Contact us to learn more.

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