Experiential Marketing

What is experiential marketing?

By Mole Street on September, 29 2015

Picture this.

You’re at The Union League of Philadelphia (classy, by the way) with a couple of colleagues, thinking you’re there for another one of those run-of-the-mill non-profit gala type things. In fact, it’s the fourth one you’ve been to this month. You make some small talk with strangers, grab a free cocktail and check your watch. “When is this over again?” Nobody knows. Suddenly the lights drop down, the music comes up and the 76ers Flight Squad comes tumbling into the room, flinging jerseys with the name of the non-profit printed on the front.

And now you’re all, “What the heck was that?” By the end of the night you’ve sampled the cake pops, made a couple of additional bids at the silent auction table and signed up for a Young Friends membership. That, my friend, is experiential marketing.

Mind you, it doesn’t always have to be a non-profit gala.



By definition, experiential marketing is “a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages participation.”


Did you catch that? Direct engagement.


Now that we have your attention…


Consumers say they are more inclined to purchase the brand after an experience.


Consumers make a purchase after the event. Source. 


Consumers who make a purchase become a regular customer.


So how can you get started with experiential marketing?


We can help with that. We approach experiential marketing the way we would any marketing tactic: First with research & strategic alignment. We need to find out who you’re targeting, what they’re into and why. Then it’s onto creative concepting (that’s the fun part), event production, onsite management and finally post-experience data analysis to make sure we did the job well.

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