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Why Are User Personas Important for Marketing Campaigns?

By Megan Dickson on January, 16 2020

Creating a user persona for your corporate website just might be one of the most important steps of building your site. Building a user persona lets your company know who exactly to market to and how to get them to engage. According to HubSpot, “using personas made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeted users.” So, needless to say, personas are a commonly used tool in website design but let’s get into three reasons why creating a persona matters.    


Humanizing Your Website

Personas humanize your target audience by helping you gain a better understanding of behaviors, patterns, and preferences. You can determine  information like gender, age, location, marital status, goals, needs, and bits and pieces of their personality, along with work and life habits. This  gives your customer a personality beyond numbers. Having this user persona will help you define content and how to organize the content on your site to speak to different audiences in different ways. Understanding your persona also helps to cultivate specific user experiences on your site, which will guide your user to content and actions specifically designed for them.



It Helps Your Overall Website Design

Personas can help your design team arrive at better solutions for your target audience. Creating a persona lets your designers step into the shoes of your ideal user and recognize their needs. For example, if your persona is always on the go, your designers can use that information when making decisions around arrangements and formats to meet their needs, such as making quick decisions.


User personas and user experience design go hand-in-hand. Design is not just about the pretty pictures it’s providing your audience with a feeling and getting them to relate and engage with the design. Based on the insights gathered about your persona, designers have a clear direction for designing the who, what, where and how.



It Can Lead To Better Marketing Results

There are so many things you can learn about your customer through user personas to then use that information to inform your marketing strategy producing better marketing results. You can learn your customers needs and wants and create content that they will find valuable. You can learn where your customers spend time and better target your content around that information. You can identify where you are more likely to reach your customers, for example, are they more interested in email or social media? Users personas can help you find the channels your audience is most likely spending time on then you can lead them to your website ultimately making your marketing strategy more effective.  



User Personas help you create your ideal customer, attract that customer with website design, develop the most effective marketing strategy for your business, and generate leads that turn into your ideal customer. Sounds pretty great, right? If you’re ready to discuss your website needs, contact us today!


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